– Shillong’s Punjabi Lane: Meghalaya government ensures safety of Sikhs

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New Delhi – India, 14 June 2019. On June 13, the Meghalaya’s chief secretary P S Thangkhiew presented the state government’s report about Shillong’s Punjabi lane area dispute to the MHA officials in which he has assured the safety of Sikhs living in the Punjab lane area of Shillong.

Notably, the Ministry of Home Affairs had summoned the Meghalaya government on the complaint of Shiromani Akali Dal when a banned militant organization Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) had threatened the Sikhs living in the Punjabi lane area.

Sharing the development with media, DSGMC president Manjinder Singh Sirsa informed that he has apprised the MHA’s joint secretary about the issue in detail and its possible solutions. “We have told the MHA that the safety of our community residing in Shillong is our primary concern today,” he added.

“We have been ensured by the MHA officials that they were taking up the issue very seriously and if needed, they will also summon the Meghalaya’s CM Conrad K. Sangma,” Sirsa said while expressing hope for a clean and clear solution to the problem.

Sirsa further informed that the MHA officials have ordered the Meghalaya government to keep the issue on standby mode till Court’s final orders or taking up the issue with them.

“A delegation of DSGMC held a meeting with Ministry of Home Affairs Officials regarding Shillong matter. They apprised us that the Chief Secretary of Meghalaya Govt has shared a report about the situation and the solution. The Chief Minister of Meghalaya Sangma Conrad Ji has been kind enough to monitor the situation constantly and personally.

He has informed MHA that he will be holding a meeting with all stakeholders in next week to find a befitting solution. CM Sangma also assured us that Sikhs/Punjabis of Shillong have nothing to fear about,” Sirsa wrote from his Facebook wall.

Shillong’s Punjabi Lane: Meghalaya Government Ensures Safety of Sikhs – Row Over Missing Saroops: Anyone found guilty won’t be spared, says Longowal

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Chandigarh – Panjab – India, 15 June 2019. Amid serious allegations of selling saroops of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji being leveled on SGPC, the SGPC president Gobind Singh Longowal went to the Sikh Reference Library to understand its working on June 14. He also took a glimpse of the historic handwritten saroops of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji placed inside the Sikh Reference Library.

Reiterating his commitment of thorough probe into this issue, Longowal said that the probe committee would be constituted soon in which prominent rational Sikh personalities will be appointed.

Commenting on the charges of selling the historic saroops returned by the Indian army, Longowal said that anyone found guilty in this concern won’t be spared at any cost, but if the charges proved wrong then the SGPC will also sue the concerned media section in Court.

“However, we have confirmed that a large portion of the treasure of Sikh Reference Library has not been returned by the Indian army till date,” he added.

Longowal clarified that the literature wealth of the Sikh Reference Library is a safe deposit of Sikh community with SGPC and the SGPC is liable for returning it to the Sikh community in an intact position.

SGPC’s Chief Secretary Dr. Roop Singh, Secretary Mohinder Singh Aahli, Secretary Manjit Singh Bath, Secretary Balwinder Singh Jaura Singha, Personal Secretary Er. Sukhminder Singh, Dr. Amarjit Kaur (Incharge of Sikh History Research Board), Bagicha Singh (Librarian, Sikh Reference Library), P.A. Darshan Singh etc. were also present on this occasion.

Row Over Missing Saroops: Anyone found guilty won’t be spared, says Longowal – Shillong’s Punjabi Lane Area dispute: Meghalaya’s Chief Secretary summoned by Indian Home Ministry

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New Dehi – India, 13 June 2019. Acting on the complaint lodged by DSGMC president Manjinder Singh Sirsa, the Union Home Ministry of India has summoned Meghalaya’s Chief Secretary PS Thangkhiew. Notably, Sirsa had sought Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s intervention following a threat to the Shillong resident Sikhs by a banned militant organization, Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC).

Confirming the development, the Deputy Chief Minister of Meghalaya Mr Prestone Tynsong has said that the state chief secretary PS Thangkhiew will present all details of the issue to the Home Ministry officials today. He added that the Principal Secretary (Urban Affairs) would also accompany the Chief Secretary.

It is pertinent to note here that the Shillong Municipal Board has recently served notice to the residents of the Punjabi lane area asking them to produce documents proving their legal right over the respective properties, they own in concerned area.

Beside it, the banned militant organization of Meghalaya named Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (abbreviated HNLC) has also threatened the Sikhs living in the Punjabi lane area of Shillong.

Shillong’s Punjabi Lane Area Dispute: Meghalaya’s Chief Secretary Summoned by Indian Home Ministry, Kathua rape murder case verdict: Three sentenced for life, three for 5 years, one acquitted

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Pathankot – Panjab – India, 11 June 2019. On June 10, the Pathankot Court convicted six of the seven accused in the Kathua rape and murder case. Those convicted include former revenue official Sanji Ram, Special Police Officers Deepak Khajuria and Surender Verma, two investigating officers, head constable Tilak Raj and sub-inspector Anand Dutta and a civilian, Parvesh Kumar.

Sanji Ram, the village head and the caretaker of the temple where the minor was gang-raped, Deepak Khajuria and Parvesh Kumar have been sentenced to life imprisonment of 25 years. The other three accused, Tilak Raj, Anand Dutta and Surender Verma were sentenced to five years in jail for destroying crucial evidence in the case.

The special court acquitted Sanji Ram’s son Vishal due to lack of evidence. The eighth accused, a juvenile, will be tried at a juvenile court. His trial is yet to begin as a petition to determine his age is awaiting judgment in the Jammu and Kashmir High Court.

Meanwhile, the Dal Khalsa has expressed dissatisfaction over the Pathankot court’s verdict.

Commenting on the Pathankot court’s judgment on the Kathua rape-murder case, the Dal Khalsa has said the punishment addressed to three prime accused convicted for rape and murder was inadequate. The organization refuses to term the verdict full and final justice to Asifa, the eight-year-old girl, who was kidnapped, raped and murdered in captivity.

The Punishment for life is not commensurate with the enormity of the crime, said leader of Sikh organization in a statement.

“The convicted persons deserved death sentence or life sentence till death as their act was barbaric and beastly and no less punishment would provide sense of relief to the victim and her family,” said party spokesman Kanwar Pal Singh.

He, however said the verdict was a big slap on the faces of those politicians including the BJP, who by holding Tricolor defended the perpetrators, threatened the lawyers and derided the legal system.

Kathua Rape Murder Case Verdict: Three Sentenced for Life, Three for 5 years, One Acquitted – 06 June is the day of resistance, not black day: Dal Khalsa to Akal Takht Jathedar

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Chandigarh – Panjab – India, 08 June 2019. In a clear snub to SGPC appointed acting jathedar of Akal Takht Giani Harpreet Singh for terming June 6 as black day, the Dal Khalsa said in reality it was the day of resistance that shook Sikhs out of slumber and put them on the course of struggle for independence of Punjab.

On 06 June 6 1984, the then Indian government ordered its army to storm Darbar Sahib on the pretext to capture Sikh freedom fighters residing inside complex. Standing up against the attack with exemplary bravery, Sikhs fought pitched battle with Indian forces till the last breath and tasted martyrdom, said party head Harpal Singh Cheema.

“We can call 06 June as Resistance Day or Martyrs Day or Ghallughara day but not black day”, said leader of the pro-freedom group.

By terming it a black day, the Jathedar wittingly or otherwise has nullified the spirit behind the setting-up of memorial in memory of June 84 martyrs near Akal Takht, observed Cheema.

On a demand raised by Damdami Taksal with Giani Harpreet Singh to bestow the title of ‘Panth Rattan’ on Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, the Dal Khalsa leader said the previous Akal Takht Jathedar had bestowed the same title of Fakhr-e-Qaum Panth Rattan on Parkash Badal few years ago.

Martyrs of the faith don’t require any other title as Martyrdom itself is a highest title. Moreover, Akal Takht has bestowed the title of ‘great martyr’ on him.

He asserted the Martyrs Memorial dedicated to Sant Bhindranwale and his associates was the highest honor bestowed on them by the Panth.

He pointed out that Sant Bhaindranwale was a valiant warrior, who lived for Panth and died for the Panth. “Damdami Taksal should not ask for the title that has been given to a corrupt and controversial politician too,” he added.

June 6 is the day of resistance, not black day: Dal Khalsa to Akal Takht Jathedar – Hazoori Ragi Bhai Ravinder Singh opens Gurmat Kirtan Sangeet Academy in Jalandhar

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Chandigarh – Panjab – India, 07 June 2019. A special effort has been made by Sri Harmandr Sahib’s Hazoori Ragi Bhai Ravinder Singh to connect the children with Gurmat Sangeet and Kirtan with the establishment of Guru Ramdas Gurmat Kirtan Sangeet Academy. This Gurmat Sangeet Academy has been started near Ladhewali Chowk, Rama Mandi, Jalandhar on the demand of Sikh sangat.

Sharing the development with media, Bhai Ravinder Singh informed that people of all age groups including children will be able to get education of Gurbani Kirtan in this Gurmat Sangeet Academy.

“Currently, the classes of Raga based Gurbani-Kirtan are being started and after that the class for Gurbani remembering will also be begun,” he added.

He further informed that expert specialists have been appointed in this Gurmat Sangeet Academy to teach vocal and beat lessons to the students.

“For the time being, the training classes will be held twice in a week, i.e. on Monday and Thursday evenings, but these will be extended later,” he informed while adding that this training will be provided free of cost.

Hazoori Ragi Bhai Ravinder Singh Opens Gurmat Kirtan Sangeet Academy in Jalandhar – UK’s Sikh Service Organisation gets Queen’s Award for helping homeless people in Manchester

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London – United Kingdom, 04 June 2019. The London based Sikh Service Organization (SSO), a leading organization providing food and clothing to homeless people in Manchester, was reportedly awarded with the Queen’s award for its volunteer service on June 2.

Sharing the development with media, the Investment Manager Pritpal Singh Makan said that the SSO provides food, clothing and assistance to homeless, needy and unfortunate people in Piccadilly Gardens of Central Manchester every Sunday. “In addition, it also works with many charitable organizations,” he added.

“SSO’s work has been noted by the local press to create a positive impact on life, which accounts for its increasing number of homelessness on Manchester streets,” informed Pritpal Singh Makan while adding that it has volunteers from all backgrounds and religions.

Announcing the list of awardees on June 2, the Department of Culture, Media & Sports said the award is the highest given to volunteer groups in the United Kingdom to recognize exceptional service within their communities.

UK’s Sikh Service Organization gets Queen’s Award for helping homeless people in Manchester – SGPC criticizes Shillong Municipal Board’s move of serving notices to residents of Punjabi Lane area

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Shillong – Meghalaya – India, 02 June 2019. The SGPC president Gobind Singh Longowal has strongly criticized the Shillong Municipal Board’s move of serving notices to the residents of the Punjabi Lane area. He has said that the Punjabis, especially the Sikhs, living in the Punjabi lane area of Shillong are being persecuted deliberately.

Longowal has said that the Meghalaya state government’s bid to usurp land of the Punjabis living in the Punjabi lane area manifests an oppressive intention which has made them feel alienated in Meghalaya.

He recalled that the SGPC had approached the Meghalaya state government and the Union government of India when the Punjabis were attacked by the locals in Shillong in May last year.

Appealing to the Meghalaya state government not to persecute the Punjabis living in Shillong, Longowal has demanded that the residents of the Punjabi lane area should be given proprietorship rights of their properties without any delay as they have been living there for the last two centuries.

It may be recalled here that the Shillong Municipal Board had served notices to the residents of the Punjabi lane area asking them to produce documents proving their legal right over the respective properties, they own in concerned area.

SGPC Criticizes Shillong Municipal Board’s Move of Serving Notices to Residents of Punjabi Lane Area – CM Amarinder Singh reinstates IG Kanwar Vijay Partap Singh as SIT member

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Chandigarh – Panjab – India, 28 May 2019. With the lifting of model code of conduct in Punjab, the Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh has reinstated IG Kunwar Vijay Partap Singh as a SIT member. He has been reassigned the investigation of Behbal Klan and Kotkapura firing incidents.

It is learnt that the Chief Secretary (Home Affairs) N S Kalsi has passed orders reinstating Kanwar Vijay Partap Singh as an IGP (Organized Crime Control) and IG (Counter Intelligence, Amritsar) at the behest of Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh.

It may be recalled here that the Election Commission had removed IG Kanwar Vijay Partap Singh from the Special Investigation Team on the complaint of Shiromani Akali Dal. The SAD leaders had accused IG Kanwar Vijay Partap Singh of portraying their party in the poor light by holding unnecessary press conferences.

Opposing the removal of IG Kanwar Vijay Partap Singh, the Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh had said that he didn’t find anything objectionable in the media interviews given by the IG Kanwar Vijay Partap Singh.

He had clarified that the SIT was working as per the recommendations of Justice Ranjit Singh led investigation commission and the Punjab government didn’t interfere in this investigation.

Ensuring the Sikh community of punishing the culprits responsible for sacrilege and firing incidents, Captain had said that opening fire on the peacefully protesting Sikhs was not possible without the nod of the then Punjab CM Parkash Badal and the Deputy CM Sukhbir Badal.

Sharing the development with media about IG Kunwar Vijay Partap Singh’s reinstatement as a SIT member, a government official said that now the investigation speed of Behbal Klan and Kotkapura firing incidents will get boosted.

Captain Reinstates IG Kunwar Vijay Partap Singh As SIT Member – Sacrilege incidents were pre-planned by Sukhbir Badal, Sumedh Saini and Gurmeet Ram Rahim, reveals SIT

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Chandigarh – Panjab – India, 30 May 2019. In the chargesheet filed in Kotkapura firing case, the Special Investigation Team has termed the sacrilege and firing incidents as a pre-planned handiwork of the Ex-Deputy CM Sukhbir Badal, Ex-DGP Sumedh Saini and the Sirsa cult.

Notably, the SIT had filed this chargesheet in the court of judicial magistrate Ekta Uppal on May 28 i.e. a few hours after the reinstatement of IG Kunwar Vijay Partap Singh as SIT member.

The SIT has said in the chargesheet that the then DGP (Intelligence) Hardeep Singh Dhillon was replaced with a much junior officer of DIG rank, R K Jaiswal, on October 10, 2015. After this, the first incident of sacrilege came to fore in Bargari on October 12.

“There were three senior officers of ADGP/DGP rank, who were eligible and available for this posting. Jaiswal was also given directions to report to Punjab DGP Sumedh Saini,” says the chargesheet.

The SIT further said in the chargesheet that Sukhbir Badal, when questioned by the SIT members, couldn’t lodge any satisfactory answer for replacing a senior police officer like Hardeep Singh Dhillon from the post of intelligence chief by a DIG rank officer R K Jaiswal.

“Similarly, when we sought an explanation from the Ex-DGP Sumedh Saini in this concern, he also couldn’t lodge any answer and asked to question Sukhbir Badal,” says the chargesheet while adding that Sukhbir Badal and Sumedh Saini hold each other responsible for this.

The SIT claims that the complicity of the transfer of intelligence chief by posting a much junior officer in his place and the incidents of sacrilege soon after, suggest in unequivocal terms that it was a pre-planned handiwork of Sukhbir, Saini and members of Dera Sacha Sauda, including its head.

Meanwhile, Sukhbir Badal has refuted the charges leveled against him by the Special Investigation Team. Terming the move as a gesture of vendetta politics, he has said that the Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh was setting a bad trend for the future governments.

In the chargesheet, the SIT has also said that the Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar had arranged the meeting between Sukhbir Badal and Gurmeet Ram Rahim in September-2015 at Mumbai.

“Sukhbir Badal was in Mumbai at that time to attend a meeting with the investors,” said the SIT in chargesheet while enclosing certain details obtained from the office, Punjab Bureau of Investment Promotion, Chandigarh.

“Akshay Kumar became an intermediary between them because he had to get clearance for his own movie ‘Singh is Bling’ which was under questions at that time and was later released on October 2, 2015 after SGPC’s nod,” reveals the chargesheet.

IG Kunwar Vijay Partap Singh writes “FIRST DAY, FIRST SHOW” on Social Media

IG Kunwar Vijay Partap Singh’s unexpected posts with title “FIRST DAY, FIRST SHOW” from his social media accounts also attracted media attention on May 29. In this post, he also posted an Urdu poetry couplet “Ibadat-e-Ishq hai rota hai kya, aage aage dekhiye hota hai kya” which means that why are you crying as it’s a start of love, just see what happens next.

Although, he later deleted these posts from his social media accounts but the screenshots of these posts are still circulating over social media.

It is being speculated that Kunwar Vijay Partap Singh has posted this couplet for the Akali leaders who had lodged a complaint against him to the Election Commission following which he was removed from the SIT.

Sacrilege incidents were pre-planned by Sukhbir Badal, Sumedh Saini and Gurmeet Ram Rahim, reveals SIT