– Bhai Jagtar Singh Tara makes major revelation in Beant “Singh” assassination case

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Chandigarh-Panjab-India, 6 December 2017. Hearing on the pending trial against Bhai Jagtar Singh Tara in Beant Singh assassination case was conducted by a special court of additional session judge J S Sidhu in the Burail jail on December 4.

The prosecution lawyer of probing agency CBI asked Bhai Jagtar Singh Tara to answer almost 30 questions during this hearing.

Replying to question asked by the CBI lawyer, Bhai Jagtar Singh Tara revealed that he, along with Shaheed Bhai Dilawar Singh and death row convict Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana had gone to the Punjab Secretariat in a car to assassinate the then Chief Minister Beant Singh on August 30.

“But CM Beant Singh had left the Secretariat before us and we had to return from our mission. After coming back, we slept in a room of government tubewell after removing bomb belt of Shaheed Bhai Dilawar Singh”, he added.

Bhai Jagtar Singh Tara further revealed that on August 31, 1995 they again went to the Punjab secretariat. “Before departing for accomplishing our task, I fixed the wires of bomb belt on the body of Shaheed Bhai Dilawar Singh and performed prayer before the Almighty Lord.

I dropped Shaheed Bhai Dilawar Singh to Punjab Secretariat in an Ambassador car. Later, I met Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana who was following us on a scooter and moved away from the Secretariat,” he added.

Sikh24 has learned that the CBI lawyer has sought answer to 31 questions and Bhai Tara answered his first 20 question on December 4. Meanwhile, the Court has deferred next hearing onto January 16, 2018.

Advertisements – Controversial SGPC president undergoes secret meeting with Giani Gurbachan Singh

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Amritsar-Panjab-India, 6 December 2017.  Newly appointed SGPC President Gobind Singh Longowal, who has been entangled in controversies since his first day of election, today silently paid obeisance at the sanctum sanctorum Sri Harmandr Sahib.

Despite of being his primary visit to the holiest Sikh shrine after becoming SGPC President, media was kept apart from this visit by the SGPC.

Sources have informed that the newly elected SGPC President Gobind Singh Longowal underwent a secret meeting with the SGPC appointed Akal Takht Jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh after paying obeisance inside sanctum sanctorum. It has come to fore that senior SGPC officials were not allowed to enter the room during the meeting.

As per a press note shared by the SGPC with Sikh24, it has been informed that during his visit Gobind Singh Longowal got information about the on-going tasks inside Sikh shrines by meeting the senior SGPC officials in its head office.

SGPC Chief Secretary Dr Roop Singh apprised Gobind Singh Longowal with all the senior SGPC officials and promised him of full support during his tenure.

The press note does not make any mention of the meeting with Giani Gurbachan Singh. – Jagtar Singh Johal indicted in another case; activists build momentum worldwide

P Singh

London-UK, 5 December 2017. Scottish Sikh youth Jagtar Singh Johal (Jaggi), who has been arrested by the Punjab police in serial murders in Punjab, has been now nominated by the Ludhiana Police in an FIR pertaining to shooting incident which occurred outside an RSS branch in Ludhiana.

The Ludhiana police succeeded in obtaining Jaggi’s two days police remand from the Court in this case on 3 December.

It may be recalled here that on January 18, 2016 two unidentified bike riders had fired bullets on an RSS branch situated in park of Kidwai Nagar of Ludhiana. An FIR No. 7/16 was registered in this concern in Police Station Division No. 8 of Ludhiana.

Scottish Sikh youth Jagtar Singh Johal was arrested in relation to this murder and he was named in FIRs in additional cases after his arrest.

Meanwhile, a lot of pressure is building in the UK as human rights activists are asking the Government to take up the case with the Indian Government.

The Sikh Federation (UK), which is involved in the case, has contacted over 150 MPs so far, asking them for support. The Sikh Federation (UK) launched Phase 2 of its campaign to gather support from UK Government officials.

Yesterday, programmes took place in various places abroad, including England, California, Australia and Germany to raise awareness for Jagtar Singh Johal. “We are looking forward to organizing protests outside Indian consulates if Jaggi is not given a fair trial.

All what we are asking for is that he has access to the UK FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office),” said Gurpreet Singh, a Sikh activist who came to Stockton Gurdwara from Yuba City to join program being held to raise awareness for Jaggi.

Sikh activists also carried out a campaign in Jaggi’s support this past Sunday. Hundreds of activists targeted Punjab Police and Chief Minister’s handle, appealing them to not abuse Jaggi’s human rights. Tweets were carried with the hashtag #FreeJaggiNow.

A petition started to UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson also crossed 46,000 signatures. – Punjab Police arrests another Sikh youth from Jammu

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Jammu-Jammu & Kashmir-India, 3 December 2017. The Baghapurana police on December 1 arrested a Sikh youth from Jammu after obtaining arrest warrants from the Magistrate in an FIR No. 193/16 registered in the Police station of Baghapurana.

Jagjit Singh is the third Sikh youth from Jammu who has been arrested in this case following the arrest of Tarlok Singh Laddi and his cousin brother Taljit Singh Jimmy.

It is learnt that the Baghapurana police raided onto Jagjit Singh’s home in Shastri Nagar of Jammu on December 1 and arrested him. When the local Sikh representatives asked the Police to clarify the reason for arresting Jagjit Singh, they didn’t provide any reasoning.

Following this, the local Sikh activists staged protests in Jammu by blockading the traffic on road.

Sources have informed that the Police took away his laptop, mobile and cash from his office.

Last year Tarlok Singh Laddi was arrested in this case following which the Police got apprised of Taljit Singh Jimmy who was residing in UK. As soon as Taljit Singh arrived in India during October this year he was arrested. Other arrests were made shortly after this. – Jagtar Singh Jaggi’s police remand again extended for two days

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Amritsar-Panjab-India, 1 December 2017. Scottish Sikh youth Jagtar Singh alias Jaggi was today once again produced before the Court of Judicial Magistrate Sumit Sabharwal by the police in an FIR No. 218/17 registered in the Police station of Salem Tabri. The FIR pertains to killings of Christian Pastor Sultan Masih in Ludhiana.

Interestingly, the Ludhiana police sought seven days extension in the Jagtar Singh Jaggi’s remand to recover his Scottish passport despite of the fact that the passport has been submitted to British High Commission in Delhi and the Baghapurana Court was also informed about it.

Judicial Magistrate extended Police remand of Jaggi for two days without paying attention to the contentions of defence lawyer Advocate Jaspal Singh Manjhpur.

Interacting with media, Advocate Jaspal Singh Manjhpur said that the Magistrate extended police remand of Jaggi without any consideration that Jaggi has not been allowed to meet with the High Commission in private.

Meanwhile, it has come to fore that the Ludhiana police on November 29 broke into the ancestral home of Jagtar Singh Jaggi and damaged household under the garb of search. It is unclear that what the police obtained during this search and what they bring away from Jaggi’s ancestral house. – 1984 Sikh Genocide Petition reaches 100,000 signatures

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Amritsar-Panjab-India, 29 November 2017. 100,000 signatures have been collected by the All India Sikh Students Federation led by Karnail Singh Peer Mohammad. The petition reached this milestone today as volunteers continued to work hard to get signatures.

On November 26, AISSF held a camp outside the sanctum sanctorum Sri Harmandr Sahib under signature campaign in favour of an online petition moved on the website of White House. Sikh devotees were appealed on this occasion to sign this petition so that the genocide victim families could be availed justice at the earliest.

Speaking to Sikh24 on this occasion, the AISSF President S Karnail Singh Peer Mohammad said that more than thousands are signing the petition every day. He added that the petition moved on White House’s website has been signed by more than 115,000 people.

AISSF leaders S Harjinder Singh, S Surjit Singh, S Satnam Singh were also present on this occasion. – UK’s First Permanent Sikh Art Gallery Opens Doors

Slough-Berkshire-UK, 22 November 2017. On November 4th & 5th, over 5,000 visitors attended the grand opening of UK’s first Sikh Art Gallery as it launched the ‘Without Shape Without Form’ exhibition. This modern 7,000 sq ft gallery located in Slough, UK took design inspiration from London’s renowned contemporary art gallery scene.

The Gallery will be the permanent home of the dramatic Sikh paintings of Kanwar Singh, the artist behind Art of Punjab. This already extensive collection of artwork is set to be expanded annually and will be the artist’s UK home base and exclusive site for launching new art as it is created.

The Gallery’s ongoing focus is two-fold, spreading knowledge of Sikh history with an emphasis on Gurbani and inspiring future generations to express their love of Sikhi through the arts.

One visitor commented,”Finally we have a Gurdwara investing in our next generation and promoting our heritage on a platform never seen in this country, I fully commend all those involved in the much needed initiative”.

Kanwar Singh, the artist behind the gallery was on site as it opened doors to the visitors showcasing a complete collection of his iconic Sikh history paintings, presented on an unprecedented scale. The highlight of this event was the unveiling of an exciting new collection of paintings created exclusively for the launch.

Kanwar Singh spoke about his ten year journey as an artist focused solely on the Sikh story. – Sikh Group Seeks Memorial Status for Hondh Chillad Massacre Site in Haryana

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Gurgaon-Haryana-India, 21 November 2017. A delegation led by the All India Sikh Students Federation President Karnail Singh Peer Mohammad held a program at the site of Hondh Chillad massacre to commemorate the life of 32 massacred Sikhs.

Notably, 32 Sikhs were brutally killed in village Hondh Chillad (situated on the outskirts of Gurgaon in Haryana) during the Sikh genocide carried out by the mobs in November 1984 following the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Addressing the gathering on this occasion, the AISSF President Karnail Singh Peer Mohammad informed that his outfit was conducting a campaign to get 100,000 signatures in relation to a petition regarding Sikh genocide.

He added that camps were being organized by the AISSF to get 100,000 so that the genocide victims could be availed justice at the earliest.

“The AISSF will also raise voice to get the site of Hondh Chillad massacre converted into a Genocide Memorial,” he added.

The tragic episode of Hondh Chillad massacre was brought into light by the Sikh activist Engineer Manwinder Singh Giaspura in 2011. He had penned a detailed story about this massacre in Panthik magazine founded by Sikh Intellectual Baljit Singh Khalsa.

Since then, Giaspura has also provided valuable information directly to Sikh24 regarding the tragic incidents in Haryana relating to the 1984 Sikh genocide. – India’s NIA to interrogate recently arrested Sikh youth in Delhi

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Ludhiana-Panjab-India, 21 November 2017. Due to increasing external pressure, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in India has asked for transfer of two recently arrested Sikh youth to Delhi from Punjab.

The move by NIA comes despite the fact that the Punjab police had claimed to solve the puzzle behind mysterious murder of RSS leader Ravindra Gosain by arresting two Sikh youth. However, the Union Government of India has now asked the NIA to carry out its own probes.

RSS leader Ravinder Gosain was shot dead outside his residence by two unidentified assailants last month. His murder remained a mystery until the Punjab police arrested two Sikh youth in relation to the murder. Ludhiana police had taken two Sikh youth, Hardeep Singh Shera and Ramandeep Singh Ramna into custody.

Sources have claimed that Ramandeep Singh Ramna told the Police during the interrogation that two Panjab based  Sikh leaders were also on his hit list. While the names of these leaders have not been identified, as per the police, Ramna had himself taken credit for the murder of the RSS leader.

Meanwhile, it is learnt that the NIA officials are going to take Ramandeep Singh and Hardeep Singh Shera to India’s national capital Delhi next week and legal proceedings in this concern has been initiated. – Jathedar Sukhdev Singh Bhaur holds critical meeting in Chandigarh just days ahead of SGPC General House elections

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Chandigarh-Panjab-India, 22 November 2017. A week prior to an important General House meeting of the SGPC members, the newly formed Panthik Front’s convener Jathedar Sukhdev Singh Bhaur has appealed his fellow SGPC members to remain neutral and away from political affiliations.

Jathedar Bhaur has appealed to all the SGPC members to vote for the election of new SGPC working committee keeping in view various outstanding issues.

Jathedar Sukhdev Singh Bhaur is former SGPC General Secretary with a lot of influence within the SGPC. He recently formed a “Panthik Front” to revive Panthik vision within the SGPC.

At a meeting held on November 21, Jathedar Sukhdev Singh Bhaur shared his views about the General House meeting of SGPC due on November 20. The meeting was held in Chandigarh along with other SGPC members.

Jathedar Bhaur informed that the ‘Panthik Front’ has appealed to all the SGPC members by writing letters to appeal to them to uphold Panthik agenda.

The General House meeting of SGPC is due for November 29 during which the new SGPC President, Senior Vice President, Junior Vice President, General Secretary and 11 other executive members will be elected.

As about 99% among total SGPC members belongs to Badal led Shiromani Akali Dal, these members used to give their right to vote to Badal and he used to nominate the SGPC officials during earlier General House meetings.

But this time, more than 20 SGPC members are rebelling by forming ‘Panthik Front’ to polarise the other SGPC members against Badal.