360.The Man in Blue – Yatra to the West Midlands II

Walsall, Lozells, Sparkbrook, Small Heath, Highgate and Balsall Heath

On the second day of my yatra I got up later than normal as I got to bed later than normal too. But although I was up later than some, I was up earlier than most. After breakfast I walked to the Guru Nanak Gurdwara on West Bromwich Street, where I liked the new building and liked listening to the Akhand Path, but was shocked to find a table and chairs langar.


After that I was met by the nephew of my friend and we went to the Nanaksar Gurdwara in Pleck. This is the only Walsall Gurdwara that I visited before. Since my first visit it has acquired an impressive new entry although mostly the sangat uses the old entry. Here the Akhand Path had progressed a bit more and we listened to the bhog.


I got a lift to Wheeler Street in Lozells, paid a quick visit to the divan of the  Dasmesh Sikh Temple, took pictures of it, the Panjabi school and the Prajapati Sabha. Does anybody have more info about this community ?


I walked from there to Constitution Hill where I got a bus to Digbeth and from Digbeth a bus to Stratford Road and Showell Green Lane. Sangat was still in the dismal divan and langar at the back of the old building but the new Gurdwara on Stratford Road seems to be almost finished.


I part walked and part bussed from there to Small Heath where I soon discovered the third Ramgarhia Gurdwara of my two day yatra, housed in an old church and right behind the Central Jamia Masjid. As I was running out of time I just had enough time to take pictures of the Gurdwara, the community hall and the neighbouring Masjid and to take a bus to Moseley Road.


I first walked north to see the Gurdwara Guru Nanak Bhatra Singh Sabha in High Gate. From there a frequent bus took me south down Moseley Road to Balsall Heath and the two last Gurdwaré on my list for the day.


I first walked (carefully due to snow and ice) to the Guru Gobind Singh Gurdwara Mary Street, where I was just in time for ardás but too early for langar. I took pictures inside and outside and walked (carefully) back to Moseley Street to photograph the last Gurdwara of the day.


Guru Ram Das Singh Sabha is in a converted private house. I have no further information about this Gurdwara, does it serve a particular community ?  


Many of the pictures of this trip are already on my blog, and pictures of all the Gurdwaré visited will appear on my Flicker account from the 1st of March. If you have any additional information on Gurdwaré mentioned or not mentioned, please contact me !  

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