Sikh Federation UK – UK Sikhs come together to commemorate the 35th Anniversary of Operation Bluestar

Last Sunday, tens of thousands of Sikhs gathered in London to join the 1984-35 Years Remembrance March and Freedom Rally organised by the Federation of Sikh Organisations (FSO). The Sikh Council UK would like to thank all the sangat that attended and express gratitude towards Gurdwaras across the nation that organised transport and supported the event.

The attack on Sri Harmandr Sahib (the holiest shrine of Sikhs) in 1984 changed the course of modern Sikh history. Thirty-five years later, such a vast gathering in the country’s capital stands testimony to the unity of Sikhs in their pain over the injustices perpetrated by the Indian Government.

In 2014, the release of previously classified documents revealed the involvement of the British Government with the Indian State during the events of 1984. This served as a chilling shock to the British Sikh community who pressured the government to give answers.

Former PM, David Cameron carried out a review lead by Sir Jeremy Heywood to examine the alleged collusion of his late predecessor: Margaret Thatcher. However, the findings of this review have since been rejected as a ‘whitewash’ by a number of Sikh organisations.

SCUK Secretary-General Jatinder Singh alongside representatives of various Sikh organisations and human rights activists spoke about injustices against Sikhs as well as the need for a public inquiry of the British Government involvement in 1984.

SCUK also applauds the efforts of long-standing member Justice A S Choudhry for his latest publication: Sikh Genocide 84 which amongst much else serves as a source of reference to historians and researchers.

This book contains one of the most comprehensive collections of media reports surrounding 1984. Another book, The Sikh Martyrs – Volume One, was released this Sunday and is an anthology of biographies relating to important personalities in modern Sikh History. Both of these literary contributions serve as a fitting and active tribute to the events of June 1984.

Finally, we would like to encourage all Sangat to support and watch the upcoming documentary: “Punjab Disappeared” that is being showcased in 5 cities across the UK in a national tour this month.

Continuing the legacy of Bhai Jaswant Singh Khalra, this project has been produced by Punjab Documentation and Advocacy Project (PDAP), a non-political group uncovering evidence of several thousand ‘enforced disappearances’ in Punjab (presently 8257 cases).

Please note: SCUK is the largest representative body of Sikhs in the UK. The views and opinions reflected in any promoted material may not be fully endorsed by SCUK. Our role is to encourage and promote the production and distribution of any project or material that supports our overall panthic ethos and the interests of Sikhs in the UK.

Sukhjeevan Singh Kandola
Spokesperson, Sikh Council UK

Gursevek Singh
Chair of Media & Communications, Sikh Council UK

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