CBS Sacramento – Yuba City swears in first female Sikh mayor

Kelly Ryan

Yuba City-California-USA, 6 December 2017. A local city is celebrating and making history with the swearing-in of its new mayor.

A Sacramento State graduate and former vice mayor, Preet Didbal is being elevated to a top position, one that’s making history.

Tuesday evening started with the first-ever Girl Scout color guard, part of a night of firsts.

There was standing room only inside, with an overflowing crowd outside, as the new mayor of Yuba City was sworn in.

“Thank you for letting me be mayor. I am grateful, absolutely grateful to represent our city,” Dibal said.

Earlier in the day, Didball spoke about how she was feeling before her historic swearing-in ceremony.

“I’m still blown away by what’s happening,” Didbal said.

She says she’s honored to be the first Sikh woman elected mayor of a USA city. But this isn’t new territory for her. She was the first Sikh woman elected to a USA city council here in 2014.

“I’m paving the way, but there are women in front of me who paved the way as well,” Didbal said.

Yuba City has one of the largest Sikh populations in the country. Founded in India’s Panjab region, Didbal says that “service” is an important part of the Sikh religion. Her parents came to Yuba City from India working as farm laborers. She was born here in a local hospital.

“That was the whole point to emigrate from India to here to have a better life,” Didbal said.

She says this new position goes along with her continued effort to give back to a community which has given her and her family that better life.

“If you look around our society, there’s crazy stuff going on, so I want to reflect the positivity, the hand of kindness, and get rid of hate.”

Yuba City Swears In First Female Sikh Mayor

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Yuba City elects first Sikh woman mayor of USA

Hannah Preston

Yuba City-California-USA, 01 December 2017. A northern California woman made history Thursday after being the first Sikh woman elected as mayor.

Before assuming her role as mayor, Preet Didbal held the position of councilwoman in Yuba City since 2014. Vice Mayor Didbal will officially be sworn in as mayor 5 December.

Didbal was born and raised in Yuba City, roughly 40 miles from Sacramento, and is the daughter of Indian immigrants who moved to America in 1968. The Yuba City-native is a part of the Sikhism religion which originated from Punjab region in India during the 15th century.

Aside from being the first Sikh mayor, Didbal was also the first to receive a college diploma within her family. Didbal received her Bachelors from California State University, Sacramento in 1998 and went on for her Masters in 2012 from University of San Francisco.

“Her focus is built around children being raised in a community that invests in the success of young people and will look to develop more youth and family activities,” according to the Yuba City website.

Didbal arguably became an inspiration for the Sikh people and women in general.

“Reach for the stars,” Didbal said to KGTV Thursday. “Don’t sit back and think ‘I can’t do this’ or ‘not me,’ because it can be you.”