The Indian Express – London: Police arrest two more over British parliament attack

Police had said the man behind the attack was British-born Muslim convert Khalid Masood, who used several aliases, and that they were trying to establish if others had directed him.

London, 24 March 2017. British police said they had made two further significant arrests in the investigation into the attack on London’s parliament and gave the birth name of the man behind the assault as Adrian Russell Ajao.

Britain’s top anti-terrorism officer, Mark Rowley, said police had nine people in custody after the attack on Wednesday which killed five people including the assailant.

Police had said the man behind the attack was British-born Muslim convert Khalid Masood, who used several aliases, and that they were trying to establish if others had directed him.

“Our investigation focuses on understanding his motivation, his operation and his associates,” Rowley said. “Whilst there is still no evidence of further threats, you’ll understand our determination is to find out if either he acted totally alone, inspired perhaps by terrorist propaganda, or if others have encouraged, supported or directed him.

Rowley said police had made two further “significant” arrests overnight, one in the West Midlands and one in the north west of the country. “We now have nine people remaining in custody, and one woman has been released on bail,” he said.

Rowley said the attacker, who ploughed down pedestrians when he sped across Westminster Bridge before fatally stabbing an unarmed policeman, had injured at least 50 people in total. Two are still in a critical condition, and one person is considered to have life-threatening injuries.

London: Police arrest two more over British parliament attack – Bomb Attack on Gurdwara: Three Teenagers Sentenced in Germany

Sikh24 Editors

Essen-Germany (BRD), 22 March 2017. A German Court of Essen has sentenced three German born minors for upto seven years at a juvenile detention center for carrying out a bomb blast in the Gurdwara Sahib of Essen.

The bomb blast carried out by these minors on 16 April 2016 had left the Granthi (Priest)* injured with serious burns, along with two others suffering injuries from shards of glass.

The court charged two of the group with attempted murder, while the third minor was held guilty of being a part of a criminal conspiracy as he was not present in carrying out the bomb blast. The judge ruled that the teens should serve sentences of seven years, six years & nine months, with six years in a juvenile detention center.

The culprits Yusuf, Mohammad and Tolga (last names omitted) were aged 16 years when they had detonated a homemade explosive device outside the temple [Gurdwara]. The bomb which was crafted from a fire extinguisher packed with explosive chemicals had destroyed the entrance to the temple.

The prosecutors said that the three offenders carried out the bomb attack because they mistook Sikhs as ‘non-believers of God’. They also targeted the Gurdwara Sahib over an alleged mistreatment of Muslims by Sikhs in northern India. The prosecutors further said that the teens were radicalised via social media in 2015.

Situated in western part of North Rhine-Westphalia state of Germany, the Essen town has around 200 Sikhs living in it.

*A granthi is not a priest, he is more like a protestant minister.

Hoepertingen Gurdwara

Mariagaarde – Hoepertingen
10 February 2017

The Mariagaarde court yard

Hoepertingen Gurdwara
Guru Ram Dass Sikh Study & Cultural Centre
10 February 2017

Pupils from the Linden school

In the new langar hall

Smiling for the picture

Meester Jan

The sevadar

Guru Ram Dass Sikh Study & Cultural Centre
Smisstraat 8
B-3840 Borgloon

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Network of Sikh Organisations – Westminster Terror attack

London, 24 March 2017. The Network of Sikh Organisations (NSO) extends its sympathy and condolences to the victims of Wednesday’s terror attack in Westminster. We are saddened to hear about the death of PC Keith Palmer, a 48-year-old husband and father. We pay our respects to the civilians who lost their lives.

British teacher and mother of two Aysha Frade, and American Music studio owner Kurt Cochran, he and his wife had been celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.

It has been reported a 75-year-old named Leslie Rhodes died of his injuries. Others including a group of French students have suffered horrendous injuries; we wish them a swift recovery.

We pay homage to the bravery of our security and emergency services in the face of an atrocity at the heart of our democracy. It is thanks to their dedication, vigilance and commitment that a day on, Parliament was able to operate and function unhindered.

Individual acts of heroism like that of Foreign Office Minister Tobias Ellwood (who lost his brother in the 2002 Bali bombings) stand out, giving us hope in humanity.

The Prime Minister’s dignified statement yesterday makes it clear Britain “is not afraid.” However we must get to the root cause of the problem without succumbing to the fear of being labelled ‘Islamophobic’ or ‘racist’.

To this end, the NSO is heartened by the Muslim Council of Britain’s (MCB) statement condemning the terrorist attack, however we feel this doesn’t go far enough.

Our Director Lord Singh who was in Westminster on Wednesday, said: “The government must urgently work with Britain’s Muslim leaders to identify the doctrinal motivation and the specific verses from religious scripture which are responsible for inciting a small section of the Muslim community to carry out terrorist attacks against non-Muslims.”

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Hoepertingen – Hoepertingen Gurdwara

10 February 2017


Hoepertingen Gurdwara – Smisstraat / Truierstraat

Guru Ram Dass Sikh Study & Cultural Centre
Smisstraat 8
B-3840 Borgloon

Hoepertingen – Truierstraat

Hoepertingen – Sint-Vedastuskerk

Hoepertingen – Mariagaarde

Hoepertingen – Mariagaarde

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Sikh Federation UK – British Sikhs sickened by indiscriminate killing of pedestrians and terror attack on UK Parliament

London, 22 March 2017. A terrorist killed three members of the public and wounded at least 40 other civilians as his Hyundai 4×4 vehicle careered into pedestrians in the heart of the capital outside Parliament.

The man armed with a knife then entered the Parliamentary estate and stabbed to death Keith Palmer, a 48 year old police officer before the attacker was shot dead.

Bhai Amrik Singh, the Chair of the Sikh Federation (UK) said:

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Keith Palmer who died protecting Parliamentarians and the innocent victims who died or have been seriously injured and their families. The indiscriminate terrorist attack on civilians in Westminster is sickening and deplorable.”

“The location of this callous terrorist attack in Westminster was no accident and in our view a horrific attack on the values Parliament represents of democracy, freedom and the rule of law. We join other peace loving people to condemn this attack and must all be united against violence and terrorism.”

“We are saddened by the rise of such incidents around the world and have urged Sikhs to be calm and extra vigilant. It can not be a coincidence the attack was carried out on the first anniversary of the terror attacks in Brussels. Everyone needs to be much more security conscious.”

Gurjeet Singh
National Press Secretary
Sikh Federation (UK)

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The Hindu – Armed man held for driving at crowd in Belgium’s Antwerp

Antwerp 23 March 2017. The incident was the third in a week in the EU after attacks at Orly airport in Paris and London, and came a day after the first anniversary of the Brussels suicide bombings.

Belgian security forces arrested a French national on Thursday after he tried to drive into a crowd of shoppers at high speed in the port city of Antwerp, officials said.

Authorities found a rifle and bladed weapons in the car after the 39-year-old man tried to flee and was detained in the northern city, prosecutors said.

The incident was the third in a week in the European Union after attacks at Orly airport in Paris and London, and came a day after the first anniversary of the Brussels suicide bombings that killed 32 people.

“A vehicle with French plates has tried to drive at high speed into the Meir (shopping street) so that pedestrians had to jump aside,” Antwerp Police chief Serge Muyters told a news conference.

“Our army colleagues forced the driver to stop but he pulled away and ran a red traffic light. We sent a special forces team and the car and the driver were stopped,” he added. “A man in camouflage was taken away.”

Images on social media showed investigators searching a burgundy-coloured vehicle near the bank of the Scheldt.

Very high speed

Belgium’s federal prosecutor later said the man was a French national living in France identified only as Mohamed R, who was born in May 1977.

The prosecutor’s office said he was driving at “very high speed” and that “at different times pedestrians were placed in danger”.

“Different arms were found in the boot, bladed weapons, a pump-action rifle and a container of as yet unidentified liquid,” the prosecutor said in a statement.

Bomb disposal experts are still at the scene.

“In light of what has initially been gathered, and taking into account what happened in London yesterday, it has been decided to send this case to the federal prosecutor,” the statement added.

Prime Minister Charles Michel said the government was “following this situation as it develops” in the Dutch-speaking northern city.

“We continue to be vigilant. Our security services did an excellent job in Antwerp, thanks,” he tweeted.

The Meir is the main shopping street in Antwerp’s historic centre and is mostly pedestrianised. It is one of the country’s biggest shopping areas.

The Antwerp incident will put Europe further on edge after the attack on the British parliament killed three people plus the attacker, and a man was shot dead at Paris’s Orly airport after grabbing a soldier’s rifle.

With soldiers deployed at key sites, Belgium has been on high alert since March 22, 2016 when suicide bombers attacked Zaventem airport and Maalbeek metro station, killing 32 people and leaving more than 320 wounded.

Belgium suffered a further shock in August 2016 when a machete-wielding man shouting “Allahu akbar” (God is greatest) attacked two policewomen in the industrial town of Charleroi.

He badly injured one in the face, before a third officer shot him dead.

IS fighters coming home

Islamic State jihadists have claimed responsibility for a number of attacks using vehicles in Europe in recent months, including Wednesday’s carnage in London.

An attacker rammed a lorry into crowds in the French city of Nice in July, 2016, killing 86 people. A similar attack claimed 12 lives at a Christmas market in Berlin in December.

On Wednesday, Belgium’s King Philippe and Queen Mathilde led ceremonies commemorating the Brussels bombings, which were also claimed by IS.

Interior Minister Jan Jambon told AFP in the run-up to the anniversary that tighter security had made Belgium safer than it was a year ago.

However he said it faced the threat of continuing radicalisation at home and from battle-hardened fighters who may return from the Middle East.

Belgium’s federal prosecutor Frederic Van Leeuw told AFP in November that the cell that carried out the Brussels bombings, and was involved in the Paris attacks, had got its orders from high up in the IS command.

Numbering around 500, Belgium is the European Union’s largest per capita source of so-called foreign jihadist fighters, but Jambon said none had left the country for the Middle East since January 2016.

BBC News – London attack: Five dead in Westminster terror attack

London, 23 March 2017. Five people have died and at least 40 were injured after an attacker drove a car along a pavement in Westminster, stabbed a policeman and was shot dead by police in the grounds of Parliament.

The dead officer has been named as PC Keith Palmer, 48, a husband and father.

PM Theresa May said the attack was “sick and depraved” and struck at values of liberty, democracy and freedom of speech.

The attacker has not been named by police.

Acting Deputy Commissioner and head of counter terrorism at the Metropolitan Police, Mark Rowley, said they think they know who he is and that he was inspired by international and Islamist-related terrorism, but gave no further details.

The attack unfolded at about 14.40 GMT when a single attacker drove a grey Hyundai i40 along a pavement over Westminster Bridge, near the Houses of Parliament in central London, killing at least two people and injuring many more.

The car then crashed into railings outside the Houses of Parliament.

The attacker, armed with a knife, ran to Parliament where he was confronted by the police. PC Palmer, who was not armed, was then stabbed and killed.

The attacker was shot dead by armed officers.

Mr Rowley paid tribute to PC Palmer, saying: “He was someone who left for work today expecting to return home at the end of his shift, and he had every right to expect that would happen.”

“Heartbroken” former colleague, Conservative MP James Cleverly, paid tribute to the “lovely man” he had known for 25 years. The pair had served together in the Royal Artillery before PC Palmer became a policeman.

Foreign Office minister Tobias Ellwood, a former Army officer whose brother died in the Bali terrorist bombing in 2002, attempted mouth-to-mouth resuscitation of Pc Palmer.

One woman was killed after being hit by the attacker’s car before it reached Parliament. She was confirmed dead by a doctor at St Thomas’ Hospital.

To read the full article and also other reports on the attack go to: – Sikhs Extra Vigilant in London After Terror Attack

Sikh24 Editors

London-UK, 23 March 2017. After the terror attack outside the House of Westminster, in London, Sikhs throughout the area are stepping up their vigilance as the alarm of the attack reaches evening commuters.

The attack today transpired after a terrorist driving his vehicle into members of the public. He subsequently stabbed a policeman on guard duty, before being shot dead by armed police. Four deaths have resulted.

Sikhs have borne the brunt of knee-jerk reprisals in the past as hate crimes usually and as such Gurdwara Sahibs often been a target, so local Sikh communities are on alert to be safe from any such unfounded responses.

The Met Police have cordoned off many areas of central London and asked members of the public to volunteer any images or footage that they may have captured on personal devices.

“I would like to ask the public to remain vigilant and let us know if they see anything suspicious that causes them concern and dial 999 immediately”, said Commander B J Harrington, of New Scotland Yard.

Tongeren – Hoepertingen

09 February 2017

NMBS Train Station
De Lijn Bus Station

Tongeren – Train & Bus Station


Restaurant named after the Celtic nation that lived in this area

Tongeren Rail Station – East entrance

De Lijn Bus Station – Service 74 to Luik / Liège

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